Vineyard Missions

Vineyard Church Glendora actively pursues partnerships across the globe to share the Gospel and to grow the Kingdom of God.  VCG is dedicated to partnering with  indigenous pastors and Christian leaders, missionaries who support indigenous pastors and missionaries, as well as, non-profit organizations that are working at the ground level to provide necessary resources to neglected communities of the world. 

Our Partners

Vineyard-Missions-LogoVineyard Church Glendora supports the efforts of our association throughout the world.  Vineyard USA is committed to partnering with indigenous Christian leaders to plant churches and to develop other local leadership.   To find out more about Vineyard missiology, or various projects the Vineyard is connected to, CLICK HERE.

The Philippines

CurrentIMG_5517ly, VCG is engaged in a strategic partnership with the National Leadership Team in the Philippines.  The National Leadership Team is comprised of Filipino pastors, men and women alike, from throughout the region.  Members of the team each represent many other pastors and ministries from their particular cities.   This partneIMG_7787rship is focused on the equipping and encouraging of these indigenous pastors to develop other leaders in their care, plant churches and respond to the vast needs of their local communities.

WANDO International (Widows and Orphans)

wandoWANDO Intl.  is responding to the most critical and foundational needs of widows and orphans in Jinja, Uganda.  Through an orphanage, secondary school, and beading project, WANDO Intl. is providing the skills necessary for women and children to overcome poverty and contribute to their community.  To learn more, CLICK HERE.