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At Vineyard Church Glendora, we consider the Biblical mandate to care for the orphan as a foundational expression of our love for God.  Our primary avenue for caring for these vulnerable children in our community is through a creative partnership we have developed with the Glendora Department of Children and Family Services.  In this, we recognize that when children, social workers, parents and foster parents are encouraged and loved by the Church, they have an opportunity to experience the grace and peace of Christ in the midst of very difficult circumstances.

Join us in showing distressed children what the Kingdom is like…

Care Crew

In a partnership with other local churches, VCG is committed to providing volunteers throughout weeknights to be available to children who have been detained.  Children and teens being brought into the DCFS office are scared, disoriented, and extremely vulnerable as they await foster care placement.  This is an opportunity for the Body of Christ to be present in their time of need. Volunteers are contacted on an emergency basis and respond as available.

To find out more information about how to get involved with the Care Crew, contact Abigail Gaines at: againes@vineyard-church.com.

Social Worker Encouragement

“I feel like most people are disconnected from what we really do… Either people feel hostile towards us, or they have no idea what we actually do… This is the first time I’ve experienced this affirmation from the community.  The note helped me feel seen.”
 –A DCFS Supervisor after receiving an encouragement note on her desk from VCG’s youth group

There are over 700 employees who work out of the Glendora DCFS office.  VCG is committed to encouraging them with the love of Christ throughout the year by coordinating moments of blessing and gratitude.  These moments include: encouragement notes placed on Social Workers’ desks, baked goods and coffee, and annual food trucks in the DCFS parking lot.

Check the calendar for upcoming events: VCG Church Calendar.  

For more information, contact Charlotte Prinkki at: info@vineyard-church.com.

Room Renovation Project



In 2016 the VCG community came together to renovate under-resourced visitation and detaining rooms at the Glendora DCFS office to make the rooms reflective of the great worth of children and families.  Hundreds of fearful and vulnerable children use these rooms throughout the week in their time of distress.  VCG was blessed to be able to transform these spaces into soothing, imaginative, interactive, and welcoming environments.

Check out the project:

Children’s Rooms Maintenance

For the long-term VCG has committed to maintaining the renovated Glendora DCFS visitation and detaining rooms as an ongoing expression of our love and care. Regular maintenance involves: weekly light cleaning, taking inventory of  supplies, and replacing any damaged, used, or lost property.

Support the Cause!

Please consider helping to provide the necessary supplies for the renovated DCFS rooms: Pictorial Supply List.

You can also make a tax-deductible contribution online to support the ongoing needs of the DCFS Partnership: Donate Here!