Life Groups

Join us for our Spring Life Group series… 

“The power of story is the power to change how we view the world and our place in it.” Soong-Chan Rah

This spring we are going to gather around tables each week.  Literal tables…  In homes with food, friends and family.  And we are going to hear stories.  Your stories.  Our stories.  Familiar stories.  Unheard Stories.  This is an opportunity to know and be known.

Jesus used stories to illuminate things about God and humanity– not just stating facts– but real storytelling.  This increased the faith of his listeners.  The same happens when we reveal the God who is at work in our own stories.  In this session, we will be given a way to share our story and be a listener to the stories of others.

Story Tables will be hosted exclusively on Friday and Sunday nights.  Rather than doing our Kids Night program, we are encouraging for families to participate in the winter session together.  Children will be cared for in the host home.

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