Jacob Gaines

Childlike Faith: Maturity

In John 9, we see the blind man go from childhood to mature faith through a series of 7 movements. Each of these movements, while not a prescription for maturity, are a chance to see God for who he truly is.

Ask, Seek, Knock

Jacob Gaines

Childlike Faith: Ask Seek Knock

What if asking, seeking, and knocking has little to do with what we do but all to do with how we view God? Do we believe when we ask that God will be there ready to give us good gifts, or will he be waiting with a bag of rocks and a pile of snakes?


Jacob Gaines

Childlike Faith: Greatness

Childlike faith revolves around humility, which is the inability to advances one’s cause apart from the help, direction, and resources of a God who says we matter.

Let the Children Come

Jacob Gaines

Childlike Faith: Let the Children Come

When it comes down to it, we have to remind ourselves that “we matter to God and that’s all that matters to me”