What is Love is NOW?

What would it look like for our families, neighborhoods, cities, and country to be ignited by a love-filled movement NOW?

In a world of insiders and outsiders…
Lines and fences
Being wrong and being right
Proving your value
Distorted images of power
And having to earn your piece of the pie.

What would a movement of love look like?

Grace-filled love…
Filling our cities and streets.

We want to find out.

Follow us for a minute…
The Bible says that God is love–
Not that he just has love, or gives love, or feels love
But, God IS love.

So every time we give love, we give God.

If love is a here and now reality, then God is a here and now reality.

And what we see in Jesus, the heart of God in flesh and bones, is that God’s love is sacrificial, vulnerable, visible and healing.

LOVE is the power God uses to restore humanity to flourishing!

It is our desire to spread as much love, as much God, all throughout our world as we possibly can… To make the invisible a visible reality!

We invite you to join this story.

Join the Love is NOW Movement

Love is NOW is not a program or momentary plan for change.   No card, membership, or sign-up needed!

It is a lifestyle of listening, paying attention, and seeking to be present to the world around us with our love-filled responses.

Just start giving love away!

All you need to do is put on your eyes of compassion to see where God might be inviting you to give God away.

The only rule: It must be a free gift. Love cannot be earned, just received.

So don’t worry about if they don’t look like you, behave like you, or think like you.

Give love anyway!

Start a Love is NOW Movement

We see plenty of anti-love messages on social media.  Together, let’s change this!

Every time you give unexpected, unconditional, grace-filled love away to a someone spread the word on your social media.

Use #projectloveisnow. Let’s fill up twitter, instagram, facebook, and snapchat with love NOW!

Simple ideas to transform your community with love…

Be a good listener.
Pay for someone behind you in line at the drive-through or coffee shop.
Take in someone’s trash cans or mow your neighbor’s lawn.
Go to a laundromat and pass out quarters.
Pay for someone’s gas at the gas station.
Take cookies to a neighbor you haven’t met (or make an effort to meet them!).
Help an elderly person or parent wrangling kids with their groceries.
Help the next person in line at the grocery store bag their groceries.
Double your tip next time you eat out.
Pass out cold water bottles at a sporting event.
Leave a few dollars at the library and instruct the front desk to use it to pay someone’s fine.
Make a new friend!


When you put on your eyes of compassion and humility, you will begin to see ways to show love all around you!