Vineyard Compassion

Compassion is at the heart of Vineyard Church Glendora.  Our goal is that no one in need is ever turned away empty handed.   We believe that as we reach out to the poor and broken within our community, we are touching Jesus.

Basic Needs

As a church, we have a responsibility to our community to make sure that the basic needs of the poor are being adequately responded to.  If you, or someone you know, is struggling to meet their basic needs… food, clothing, shelter… please contact the church immediately and we will connect them with resources available.

New Unto Others Partnership

One way that Vineyard Church Glendora is able to meet critical needs in the community is through its partnership with a local thriftstore, New Unto Others.  For every donation made to New Unto Others on behalf of VCG, 40% of the sales are donated back to the church.  All proceeds go directly toward our Compassion Ministries Fund.

Please label all donations “Vineyard Church Glendora” and take to New Unto Others: 175 N. Vermont Ave., Glendora, CA, 91741.

Vulnerable Children and the Glendora DCFS

Care Crew

In a partnership with other local churches, VCG is committed to providing volunteers to the local Department of Children and Family Services each night of the month to be available to children who are being detained.  Children and teens being brought into the DCFS office are scared, disoriented, and extremely vulnerable as they await foster care placement.  This is an opportunity for the Body of Christ to be present in their time of need.

DCFS Renovation Project

What would it look like for a facility that houses the most vulnerable of our community to promote healing and justice through its physical environment?  Vineyard Church Glendora has a dream of making this this a reality at the Glendora Department of Children and Family Services.   Weekly, the Glendora DCFS hosts hundreds of children and families in crisis.  Children come in scared, disoriented, and in need of reassurance that they are safe and loved.  Please partner with us to transform underdeveloped and sparse detaining and visitation rooms into soothing, imaginative, interactive, and welcoming spaces.  In doing so, we believe that vulnerable children will be shown their great worth.

We have currently raised over $14,000 worth of labor and construction costs!  Help us raise the additional $14,000 needed to complete the rest of our project!  This budget includes: all furniture, technology, creativity stations, lighting, rugs, window coverings, and age appropriate games and activities.  Our goal is break ground on the rooms in November 2015.

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Foster/Adoptive Support Services

Are you interested in becoming a foster or adoptive family, or are you already one?  Find out how the Vineyard Church Glendora community can support you: Fost/Adopt Support

Christmas of Compassion

In an effort to reach out and bless the local community with God’s love during the holiday season, Vineyard Church Glendora adopts families in need for Christmas.  Gift, grocery and toiletry needs are addressed for each family member and items are delivered on Christmas morning to participating families.  To be considered  for adoption or support this ministry, please contact the church office.