Jacob Gaines

Passion Week: Wednesday

The purpose of Wednesday is to stop and reflect. We have to remember that this day, and every day, is all about Jesus.


Jacob Gaines

Passion Week: Tuesday

Tuesday is a day to pause and reflect as all people, Jew and Gentile alike, will get to see Jesus as life comes forth from his death.


Jacob Gaines

Passion Week: Monday
It’s not just that Jesus has a case of the Monday’s, but he is making a statement this Monday of Passion week that the temple and the fig tree had ceased being what they were created to be. Neither were serving their intended purpose. Are we serving our purpose as the Church?

Palm Sunday

Jacob Gaines

Passion Week: Palm Sunday

You know when your favorite song comes on the radio, how you recognize it just from the first few notes? Palm Sunday is the same way. Palm Sunday is the opening riff to the song of Jesus’ death and resurrection.